Week-Long Closure of Highway 302 Set for October

sr-302-project-map-091616The Washington State Department of Transportation is scheduling a week-long closure of Highway 302 in Victor for October.  According to the DOT, a 170-foot section of SR 302 around milepost 4.6 runs over an ancient slide that is continuing to slowly move. The result is pavement that tends to settle and get bumpy, and our maintenance crews have to repave the area up to three times a year.  In this construction project, crews will remove that section of highway, add lightweight concrete fill under the highway that is less likely to slide, and repave the road. While in the area crews will also replace two failed culverts that convey stormwater under the highway. The goal of this project is not to stop the slide, but to minimize damage to the road and to keep the highway surface smoother while we secure funds for a permanent fix.

Once work begins, SR 302 will be closed at milepost 4.6 around the clock for seven consecutive days and nights.  WSDOT has awarded the contract to contractor Active Construction, Inc., and they are just a few weeks away from beginning the work.

At present, Active Construction expects to close SR 302 from Monday, October 10 through Monday, October 17.  Please note, however, that construction schedules often change based on weather, equipment and manpower resources, materials deliveries, and other factors, so please don’t be surprised if the date changes.  What will not change however, once construction starts, is the seven-day timeline for the closure. That timeline is a contractual requirement the contractor must meet.

Because the work requires removing the highway surface, no traffic, including emergency responders, will be able to drive through the construction zone. Local emergency responders are aware of this project and have made plans to continue to provide service should the need arise.

WSDOT will sign a detour that uses SR 3, SR 16 and SR 302. It is a lengthy detour that will help people unfamiliar with the area to bypass the construction zone.  Officials expect that local residents and businesses will choose to use county roads rather than the signed detour. If you live along those county roads, please expect that for those seven days, you will see higher traffic volumes than normal through your neighborhood.

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