North Mason School Board Meeting Video Available

video iconThe latest business meeting of the North Mason School Board is now available. During this meeting, the School Board held a public hearing and adopted the District’s 2016-2017 Budget. The School Board also unanimously directed Superintendent Dana Rosenbach to move forward with the options for the Mary E. Theler Center and wetlands discuss last month. This would include converting the Theler Center into an early learning center which would provide preschool learning opportunities. And transfer the wetlands and trails to another entity who is better suited to handle that type of property.

The Board was also introduced to the new Director of Transportation, Jamie Wilhelm and was told the State Patrol gave the District 100% on its inspection of buses. Another item of interest during the meeting is an explanation that parents will need to opt-in to receive phone calls from the District due to new FCC regulations that stop the District from making “robo-calls”.