Shelton School District to Seek $64.8 Million Bond

The Shelton School District is planning to ask voters next February to approve a construction bond totaling nearly $64.8 Million. SCD bond HS conceptTuesday night, the Shelton School Board was given a report on the work of the District’s Bond Committee and a summary of recommended improvements at each school. The School Board also
took what was called an interim step, approving a motion saying they will ask voters to approve the total bond amount of $64,778,906 on February 14, 2017.

This unanimous action along with the pending release of the final bond report allows the Bond Committee to start sharing the specific plans for the seven schools with the community. However, those plans and the dollar amount could change a bit before the final report is made public. Plus the specifics for Mountain View Elementary and Shelton High School are still conceptual and dependent on other factors such as site layout, architecture and surveys.

Jeff Feeney with KMB Architects presented the Bond Committee’s report and began with a reminder.
“This is about a change in the Shelton School District’s instructional learning model and how we are preparing kids for the future, improving test scores, and maximizing graduation,” Feeney told the Board. “This is just not about buildings. Buildings are being driven by the fact we’re changing the way we want these students to go through school.”

SCD bond HS site planOne of the largest parts of the bond is improvements at Shelton High School. At over $29.5 Million ($29,539,975), this includes 26 new classrooms in a new 41,850 square foot two-story building at the front of the school, a new auxiliary gym just west of the pool, ADA upgrades, and technology and safety upgrades to the campus as well as replacing roofs and windows.

The recommendation for Mountain View Elementary is a new 45,000 square foot school (with technology and safety upgrades), modernization of the Octagonal Building (preschool) and new play fields for $24.5 Million ($24,501,882).

Here are summaries of proposed work at the District’s other schools:

Choice High School – $1,220,341 – new classroom at auditorium stage; ADA access at front entrance; replace roofing; demolish old existing block building; technology and safety improvements.

Oakland Bay Junior High – $2,466,464 – ADA entrance at south entrance; paint interior and exterior; replace boilers and hot water tanks; mold remediation at windows; technology and safety improvements.

Olympic Middle School – $1,658,630 – repair and/or replace roofing; technology and safety improvements.

Evergreen Elementary – $1,476,272 – replace two portables; reside and painting remaining portables; technology and safety improvements.

Bordeaux Elementary – $1,090,701 – covered landings and walkways for portables; replace boilers; technology and safety improvements.

There are other District-wide improvements in the plan that will be contingent on remaining funding after the building improvements are completed.

Highclimber Stadium – replace the track and light boxes; structural evaluation.
Shelton Pool – new unisex restroom/changing area; ADA upgrades; resurface pool deck.
Transportation & Maintenance – demolish old buildings to create new parking; paint exterior of main building; replace heat pumps; repaving.
Childcare Center – provide new portable with playground.

If the bond is approved in February, the plan would be to begin architectural work almost immediately and have construction going at all seven schools at the same time. The goal would be to have all projects completed and new facilities ready by September 2019.

SCD bond timeline

A resolution will be drafted to officially place the proposition on the February 14, 2017 special election ballot. That resolution will then need School Board adoption. That action is expected next month.