Taxable Retail Sales Down

DOR logoDespite an upward trend statewide, taxable retail sales were down in Mason County during the first quarter of 2016. The State Department of Revenue compared the numbers from January, February and March of this year to the same three months last year and found Washington state’s taxable retail sales grew 8.9%. However, Mason County saw a decrease of nearly 4% (3.99%) while the City of Shelton’s taxable retail sales were down less than a percent (0.7%).

These figures are part of a quarterly report released today by the Washington State Department of Revenue (Revenue). The Quarterly Business Review compares the same quarter year-over-year to equalize any seasonal effects that would influence consumer and business spending decisions.

Statewide snapshot of taxable retail sales activity

· Sales reported by new and used auto dealers increased 9.7 percent, reaching $3 billion.

· Sales of apparel and accessories dropped 1 percent, marking $851.7 million for the quarter.

· Drug and health stores’ sales rose 18.4 percent, reaching $586.9 million.

· Taxable e-commerce and mail order sales increased 16.7 percent to $606.5 million.*

*The taxable retail sales reported in the e-commerce and mail order category do not necessarily include online sales made by businesses with a bricks-and-mortar presence. Businesses categorized by this NAICS code identify their primary activity as online or mail order sales.

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One thought on “Taxable Retail Sales Down”

  1. So revenues from taxable sales are going up all around us while our sales are going down. At what point do we get it through our collective head that the solution to Mason County’s economic woes are not in doubling down on a dying timber industry, but in tourism. No matter- the best piece of waterfront property in the county will, once again, soon be our epicenter of environmental pollution, so I guess we get exactly what we deserve.

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