Primary Election Results

election 2016 cAfter the initial count of Primary Election Ballots Tuesday night, there is a close race for the top two candidates in Mason County Commissioner District 2, while other races show the incumbents advancing to the General Election and EMS levies passing.

In the race for Mason County Commissioner District 2 – the seat currently held by Tim Sheldon who is not seeking re-election – there are eight votes separating the top two candidates: Democrat Roslynne Reed has 1,278 votes (41.64%) while Republican Kevin Shutty has 1,270 votes (41.38%) and the third candidate in the race, Independent Steve Bloomfield has 516 votes (16.81%).

For Mason County Commissioner District 1, incumbent Randy Neatherlin received 1,943 votes (53.79%) while challenger Kelley McIntosh has 1,655 votes (48.62%).

In the race for Mason County PUD No. 1 Commissioner District 1, challenger Mike Sheetz is the leader with 99 votes (44%) followed by incumbent Karl Denison with 88 votes (39.11%) and the third candidate, J. Michael Read, received 37 votes (16.44%).

The City of Shelton’s Emergency Medical Services Levy is passing with a 65.44% approval rate. That’s 606 voting “Yes” and 320 voting “No” to renew the EMS Levy at 50 cents per thousand of assessed value.

In Mason County Fire District 11, their EMS Levy is passing with 77.41% approval. That’s 233 voting “Yes” and 68 voting “No” to renew the levy for those in the Island Lake area at 50 cents per thousand.

And Mason County Fire District 17’s EMS Levy is passing with 80% approval. That’s 104 voting “Yes” and 26 voting “No” for that 25 cents per thousand levy.

Election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office expect to count an additional 5,000 ballots tomorrow (Wednesday, August 3rd) with new results to be released at 4 PM.

The incumbents in the 35th Legislative District are leading.
Republican Dan Griffey has 54.05% of the vote (10,552 votes) to Democrat Irene Bowling’s 45.95% (8,972 votes) in the race for State Representative Position 1.
Republican Drew MacEwen has 53.41% (10,248 votes) to Democrat Craig Patti’s 46.59% (8,040 votes) in the race for State Representative Position 2.

In the 6th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer with 58.65% of the vote so far and Republican Todd A. Bloom with 23.8% of the vote so far are the top two candidates for U.S. Representative.

In the 10th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Denny Heck with 46.96% of the vote and Republican Jim Postma with 36.94% of the vote are the top two candidates for U.S. Representative.

The top two candidates for U.S. Senator are incumbent Democrat Patty Murray with 53.42% of the vote and Republican Chris Vance with 27.74% of the vote.

In the Governor’s race, it appears incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee (48.59%) will face Republican Bill Bryant (38.11%).

There is a close race to be the next Lt. Governor. The of the 11 candidates the leaders are Republican Marty McClendon (20.34%; 154,290 votes) followed by Democrat Cyrus Habib (19.58%; 148,535 votes) then Democrat Karen Fraser (16.29%; 123,478 votes) and Democrat Steve Hobbs (15.61%; 118,405 votes).

The top two candidates for Secretary of State are incumbent Republican Kim Wyman (48.44%) and Democrat Tina Podlodowski (45.75%)

The top two candidates for State Treasurer are Republicans Duane Davidson (25.47%) and Michael Waite (23.64%).

The top two candidates for State Auditor are Republican Mark Miloscia (37.42%) and Democrat Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (30.84%).

In the race for Attorney General, incumbent Democrat Bob Ferguson has a substantial lead on Libertarian Joshua B. Trumbull 72.79% to 27.21%.

The top two candidates for Commissioner of Public Lands are Republian Steve McLaughlin (39.1%) and Democrat Hilary Franz (20.84%).

The top two candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction are Erin Jones (22.76%) and Chris Reydal (20.59%).

The top two candidate for Insurance Commissioner are incumbent Democrat Mike Kreidler (57.63%) and Republican Richard Schrock (35.24%).

And the top two candidates for Supreme Court Justice Position 5 are incumbent Barbara Madson (64.32%) and Greg Zempel (29.12%).

The turnout for this election statewide so fare is 19.98% while Mason County’s turnout is 26.76%.

One thought on “Primary Election Results”

  1. Kevin Shutty released the following statement on the primary election results as of August 2:

    “I am grateful to the voters of District 2 for their support last night and throughout my campaign – it will be an honor to represent them on the Mason County Board of County Commissioners. Last night, those voters sent a clear message they are ready for new leadership in Mason County. They know we can’t rely on voices from the past to take us into a strong future. From the beginning, I have run a positive race that is focused on bringing people together to solve problems. Mason County voters are concerned about unemployment averaging more than 8 percent, stagnant wages, and a lack of affordable housing and I am ready to lead our county in solving these issues. Our best days are ahead of us and I am excited to share my vision for a stronger economy, safer neighborhoods and more opportunity for all residents across Mason County. Working together we can make Mason County a leader regionally and a competitor across Washington.”

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