Political Op/Ed: Support Letters from Bill Hunt & Lisa Buechel

op-ed disclaimerMark Twain is credited for saying “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”. I will take liberties with this and say that  in the current political race in the North Mason area “it’s not the number of signs in the contest, it’s the content of the signs in the contest.”

In this letter I will focus just on Kelley and her campaign. I’d like to point out some of the very things that make her the best choice.

Experience. Kelley won her first election in 2001 and has been winning them ever since. She is well connected through her work, and life, with the entire county. She has worked in and for Thurston county for many years but is also heavily involved in Mason County. She is now or has been on multiple boards and committees, and has been a leader in most of them.

Education. I know that when Kelley got her Masters degree she worked her regular job, raised two daughters, and went to night classes. It was a long, grueling process but she was determined and got through it. No one can say it was an easy education, but it was certainly worth it. It also shows the determination and work ethic.

Teamwork. With all of her differing experience in the justice system, fire service, and other committees Kelley has shown she is a team player.  She brings an open mind to issues and has a great ability to gather facts and information to form ideas. She is able to work with others to achieve a common goal.

Honesty. In her current job she is called upon to testify in court on a regular basis. She has proven time and time again to be honest, fair, and accurate in her testimony.

Please join me, my family, and my friends and vote for Kelley. It’s the right decision for the right person. Mason County needs and deserves transparent leadership.

Bill Hunt, Belfair

I choose Kelley McIntosh as the best candidate for the office of County Commissioner from District 1  in Mason County. Kelley has acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislation where she serves as the Head of Thurston County Probation Pre-trial Services for over 20 years. In this position, Kelley has gained respect from the public as well as the law makers and government officials. In addition to her regular full time work duties, she is also the North Mason County Fire Commissioner and serves her civic duty on many committees that dedicate massive hours to the well-being for the people of Mason County.

Kelley is a lifelong Mason County resident. She attended the Hood Canal Middle School and graduated from Shelton High school before attending two universities in Washington State. She achieved both her bachelors’ degree and a Master’s in Public Administration.

I most admire Kelley for her selfless volunteer work. I worked at Thurston County for 7 years and got to witness first hand her dedication to serving the court system and ensuring a fair system was in place and providing people dignity while in her custodial care. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for her generosity, intelligence, dedication and commitment for the hours of work she gives to both her job and her volunteer work with Mason County. Bottom line, she cares about people. She treats everyone equally and with respect. She will listen with an open heart, use a careful sound judgement and endeavor for the best possible outcome. She will put many hours into making the people of Mason County optimistic about their future, because she will work to encourage growth and development for our community.

I can verify these above statements as truth because I have personally known Kelley for nearly 50 years and have personally witnessed her providing 100% dedication to whatever she puts her mind to. She is driven, keen, smart, kind and will look to provide change for all of us.

With proud enthusiasm, I support Kelley McIntosh as our next Mason County Commissioner.

Warm Regards,

Lisa Buechel, Umina Beach NSW Australia