New Look for Railroad Avenue

Downtown Visioning Project logoRailroad Avenue in downtown Shelton has a new look as part of the Downtown Visioning project. Thursday night, crews re-striped the street to include a demonstration of a potential new configuration. Between 3rd and 5th streets, there now is a single lane of traffic in each direction (instead of two lanes
each way) with paint used to extend bulb outs and four two-color crosswalks. Next week, the City will be installing back-in, new sidewalkdiagonal parking stalls on the north side of Railroad. The goal is to improve the aesthetics of the corridor through downtown, expand its usability, slow traffic down and make it more pedestrian friendly.

To make the transition from two lanes to one, the right lane as you approach 3rd and as you approach 5th are now right turn only, directing westbound traffic from Railroad road onto 3rd and eastbound traffic from Railroad onto 5th. An added bonus to the reduction to one lane: it increases the width of the travel lanes between 3rd and 5th.

Crews used a different method for the two-color crosswalks. First they had to mix the paint, dump it on the street, spread it with a squidgy, and use a paint roller to create a non-slip texture.

Stripe Rite did the striping while city crews painted the crosswalks with the help of Shelton City Commissioner Tracy Moore who helped paint one of the crosswalks:

The City wants to hear from the public on this re-configuration. Officials are asking people to try the new features and provide feedback by taking a survey online through the City’s website:  Click here for a direct link to the survey.

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