Political Op/Ed: Support Letters from Wes Martin & Adam Haggerty

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My name is Wes Martin and I live in Grapeview. I’m writing to show my support for Kelley McIntosh for District 1 County Commissioner.

I’ve been dismayed at the amount of departmental back biting and maneuvering that has been happening throughout the years. Each side pointing their fingers at the other in order to place blame for this or that, budget items, he said, she said….blah blah blah.

There’s been a lot of talk about holding the duly elected officials feet to the fire over how they spend their budgets and if the County Commission doesn’t approve, then the budgets are adjusted. I’m a fiscal conservative so I am all in favor of holding these folks accountable to their spending and maintaining the best result for the citizens of Mason County.

My question is who are elected department officials accountable to? Who decides what kind of job they are doing? Is the Commission the ultimate arbiter? The answer is no. The elected officials are accountable to the voters and if they mismanage the budgets, then we should vote them out. The Commission should freely manage those department heads that are employees and directly report to them.

The infighting is possibly the most inefficient way for any of our elected to spend their time. Department heads need the ability to run their organizations and our Commissioners need to focus on vision and Mason County’s future. With all of the issues we face as a people, we need leadership that can achieve buy in from others rather than ruling by decree or intimidation. Judging from the Journal articles this last year, it sure doesn’t seem like we’ve got a smooth running machine within our county government.

Budgets are always a problem for Government and I am in no way saying to just give the various elected officials whatever they want, but rather to provide what we can and let them figure out any shortfalls within their own organizations.

This is the reason I’m supporting Kelley McIntosh. I believe she is a person of quiet integrity and she will smartly find a way for us to come together and compromise over budgets without article after article appearing in the Journal chronicling inter governmental brawls.

Kelley McIntosh has experience in working as a team, conflict resolution, is extremely smart and has the desire and ability to take on this challenge. I very much appreciate her approachability and common sense thinking. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consider casting your ballot for Kelley.

Wes Martin, Mason County Republican, Grapeview

To the Editor:

My name is Adam Haggerty and I strongly support Kelley McIntosh as a Mason County Commissioner candidate for many reasons.  I first met Kelley in 2007 while requesting assistance in a law enforcement capacity.  Kelley was able to assist in ways that no one else in law enforcement could at that time.  From that day forward, I latched onto her for help in seeking out suspects and their associates.  While working with Kelley, she was able to collaborate across a plethora of law enforcement agencies at a local, state and federal level in all areas of Washington State and beyond.  It was obvious that Kelley was committed, caring, and passionate about her community and the surrounding areas.  Based on these attributes, I sent everyone I knew in law enforcement her way when they needed assistance.  I was present when Kelley received a Citizen Award from the Washington State Department of Corrections for her efforts in making her community a safer place.

Over the past 9 years, I have been friends with Kelley and her family.  I respect Kelley for maintaining her love for Mason County as she continued to live in Belfair while working in Olympia.  I have seen an ongoing commitment to public safety in Mason and Thurston Counties.  Kelley has made many connections in both her professional and personal life that have made her unique and well respected in law enforcement, emergency medical services and the community.  I am proud to know Kelley McIntosh and be her friend as she is respected by many people and leaders in her profession, to include Judges, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and Fire Commissioners.  Kelley is an asset to the citizens of Mason County and will be a strong Commissioner for many terms if elected.


Adam Haggerty, Joint Narcotic Enforcement Team, Chehalis