Watch North Mason School Board

The June 16, 2016 North Mason School Board meeting is now available. During the meeting, the Board discussed a Disaster Mitigation Plan, was presented with the preliminary budget for the 2016-2017 school year, approved financial support for the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools and was updated on the Theler Wetlands.

Here is more information on the meeting’s highlights:

The North Mason School District Disaster Mitigation Plan has been developed and drafter over the past year. The plan will help the District deal with natural hazards realistically and rationally while identifying where the level of risk from one or more hazards may be unacceptably high and then to find cost effective ways to reduce such risk. The School Board authorized the draft plan be placed on the District’s website for public review. The Board is expected to adopt the plan at its August meeting.

The budget for the next school year totals over $24.5 Million which includes near $8 Million for teacher salaries and benefits, $2.8 Million for special education, and $1.5 Million for transportation. The final budget will be available in July with the first budget hearing on July 21. The final hearing and adoption is set for August 18th.

The Network for Excellence in Washington Schools (NEWS) is the organization behind the lawsuit against the State to fully fund education and asked the District for financial support to continue the McCleary suit. The School Board believes the State Legislature is close to meeting the suit’s mandate but wants NEWS to keep up their pressure. The Board decided to send the group $500 instead of the $2,180 they requested.

Superintendent Dana Rosenbach provided the School Board with the latest developments surrounding the Theler Wetlands which included a report that said the District should not be the owners of a flood control dike and trails. Rosenbach also mentioned a proposal from a “governmental agency” interested in taking over the properties as well as conversation with State agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), and State Parks. The Superintendent talked about a concept for the Theler Center which would house a preschool, have space for highly capable students, and provide parenting services to those new to the country. The School Board will hold a study session on the Theler Center and Wetlands at 5:30 PM July 21st.

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