Mason County Volunteer Teams Participate in Disaster Exercise

IMG_2537As part of the Cascadia Rising Earthquake Exercise 2016 Mason County Volunteer Team members participated in a Disaster Exercise on Saturday, June 11, 2016. Most of the volunteer’s were from the Mason County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Team members reported to the County’s Public Works building at 8:00 AM and received refresher training on search and rescue operations. After an hour or so they moved to the exercise site at the Central Mason Fire District building in Shelton. Once there team members went through the building searching for victims trapped after a simulated earthquake event. After locating victims team members performed basic medical actions to stabilize the victims until trained medical personnel could arrive at the disaster site.


The exercise was made more realistic by having role-players made up to look like persons with real injuries. IMG_2532Special thanks to the scouts of Troop 9110, their leader, Roger Miller and the other volunteers who acted as victims. At the end of the exercise team members went back to the county building and conducted an after-action review to discuss lessons-learned and what procedures worked and what needs to be improved.


This was a great opportunity for our volunteer response team members to practice their skills and to get other members of our community involved in responding to an emergency event. DEM wants to thank everyone who participated in the exercise for their time and energy.