New video evidence revealed in Lindsey Baum’s disappearance

A new video reportedly contradicts statements by a person of interest in Lindsey Baum’s disappearance from McCleary in 2009 and shows two women who police would like to identify. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday the video was taken at about the same time Baum is believed to have disappeared. About 23 seconds into the video, a jewelry store owner is seen speaking with two women. The Sheriff’s Office wants to identify the women and speak with them. The jewelry store owner is a person of interest in Baum’s disappearance. The Sheriff’s Office and FBI have previously executed a search warrant at the man’s place of business, which is on the route Baum would have taken to go from a friend’s house to her own home the night she disappeared. Officials told KIRO 7 and KING 5 the video is of importance because the jewelry store owner had previously said he was not in McCleary the night Baum vanished. However, the video clearly contradicts his statements. Undersheriff Rick Scott told KBKW the video clip, from Mike’s Market on June 26, 2009, was withheld at the request of the FBI until now.

Link to KIRO 7’s video:

The Aberdeen Daily World posted the video to YouTube:

There is currently a $35,000 reward to find Baum. For more information got to