Updated Presidential Primary Numbers

election 2016 cThere are no changes in the latest statewide results from Tuesday’s Presidential Primary. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders with nearly 53% of the vote (52.95% to 47.05%). Donald Trump has garnered nearly 76% (75.82%) of the Republican vote.

In Mason County, however, the gap between Clinton and Sanders has closed to 13 votes. As of 4 PM Wednesday, 3,665 Democrats in the County voted for Hillary while 3,652 voted for Bernie.

Trump’s numbers show 5,491 Republicans in Mason County support him.

The County’s voter turnout now is just under 40% (39.52%) with 14,401 ballots being counted. The next count will be 4 PM June 6th.

These results will have little impact on the national nominations.