Clinton & Trump Topping Washington Presidential Primary

election 2016 cHillary Clinton and Donald Trump are topping Washington State’s Presidential Primary and voters in Mason County are following that trend.

Initial numbers from Tuesday’s election show Hillary Clinton edging Bernie Sanders 53.63% to 46.27% statewide for the Democratic nomination. Mason County numbers are a bit closer with Clinton getting 51.65% (3,197 votes) to Sanders’ 48.09% (2,977 votes). There were also 18 write-ins which accounted for the 0.26% difference.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has just over 76% of the vote statewide (76.22%). Ted Cruz is a distant second with 10.12% followed by John Kasich as 9.85% and then Ben Carson with 3.81%. Nearly 80% of Mason County Republicans voted for Trump (78.58% or 4,629 votes), 9.34% (550 votes) voted for Cruz,7.11% (419 votes) for Kasich, and 3.29% (194 votes) voted for Carson. There were 99 write-ins from Mason County Republicans accounting for 1.88% of vote.

As of 8 PM Tuesday, 12,094 ballots were counted by election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office which makes the turnout just over 33% (33.19%). More ballots will be counted Wednesday with as many as a thousand or so more ballots expected to come in over the next few days.

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  1. Knowing that the party planned to use only the caucus results to apportion delegates, I didn’t bother voting in the primary. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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