Candidate Filing Final List

The week of candidate filing has come to an end with 106 people entering 24 races in the past five days.

Three people have filed for Mason County Commissioner District 2election 2016 cthe seat currently held by Tim Sheldon who is NOT seeking re-election. The candidates are Republican Kevin Shutty, Independent Steve Bloomfield and Democrat Roslynne Reed. Voters in District 2 will see this race on the August Primary Ballot.

Two are running for Mason County Commissioner District 1. Incumbent Randy Neatherlin is being challenged by Independent Kelly McIntosh.

The three Mason County Superior Court judges are unopposed:
Amber Finlay for Position 1
Toni Sheldon for Position 2
Dan Goodell for Position 3

Linda Gott is running unopposed for Mason County Public Utility District 3 Commissioner District 1.

In the Mason County Public Utility District 1 Commissioner District 1 race, incumbent Karl Denison is being challeged by J. Michael Read and Mike Sheetz.

In the 35th State Legislative District:
Incumbent Republican Dan Griffey is being challenged by Irene Bowling who prefers the Independent Democratic Party for State Representative Position 1.
Incumbent Republican Drew MacEwen is being challenged by Craig Patti who also prefers the Independent Democratics Party in the State Representative Position 2 race.

In the 6th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Derek Kilmer has drawn five challengers: Mike Coverdale (States No Party Preference), Tyler Myles Vega (Prefers Green Party), Todd A. Bloom (Prefers Republican Party), Stephan Andrew Brodhead (Prefers Republican Party), and Paul L. Nuchims (Prefers Deomcratic Party).

In the 10th Congressional District, incumbent Democrat Denny Heck is being challenged by Republican Jim Postma, Democrat Jennifer Gigi Ferguson, and Richard Boyce who states no party preference.

The U.S. Senator race has garnered 17 candidates. Incumbent Democrat Patty Murray is being challenged by Sam Wright (Prefers The Human Rights Party), Mike Luck (Prefers Libertarian Party), Donna Rae Lands (Prefers Conservative Party), Chris Vance (Prefers Republican Party), Uncle Mover (Prefers Republican Party), Chuck Jackson (Prefers Independent Party), Philip L. Cornell (Prefers Democratic Party), Alex Tsimerman (Prefers Standupamerica Party), Ted Cummings (Prefers Independent Party), Scott Nazaino (Prefers Republican Party), Pano Churchill (Prefers Lincoln Caucus Party), Mohammad Said (Prefers Democrat Party), Thor Amundson (Prefers Democratic Party), Jeremy Teuton (Prefers System Reboot Party), Zach Haller (Prefers Independent Party), and Erick John Makus (Prefers Republican Party).

The Governor’s race has 11 candidates: Bill Hirt (Prefers Republican Party), Patrick O’Rourke (Prefers Democratic Party), incumbent Jay Inslee (Prefers Democratic Party), David W. Blomstrom (Prefers Fifth Republic Party), Mary Martin (Prefers Socialist Worker Party), Steve Rubenstein (Prefers Independent Party), Bill Bryant (Prefers Republican Party), Goodspaceguy (Prefers Republican Party), Johnathan Dodds (Prefers Democratic Party), Christian Pierre Joubert (Prefers Holistic Party), and James Robert Deal (Prefers Democratic Party).

Eleven candiates have filed for Lt. Governor (the seat currently held by Brad Owen who is retiring): Mark Greene (Prefers Citizens Party), Paul Addis (Prefers Libertarian Party), Cyrus Habib (Prefers Democratic Party), Karen Fraser (Prefers Democratic Party), Phillip Yin (Prefers Republican Party), Steve Hobbs (Prefers Democratic Party), Javier H. Figueroa (Prefers Republican Party), Marty McClendon (Prefers Republican Party), Bill Penor (Prefers Republican Party), Daniel B. Davies (States No Party Preference), and Karen Wallace (Prefers Democratic Party).

Filing for Secretary of State: Tina Podlodowski (Prefers Democratic Party), incumbent Kim Wyman (Prefers Republican Party) and Tim Turner (Prefers Libertarian Party).

State Treasurer: John Paul Comerford (Prefers Democratic Party), Michael Waite (Prefers Republican Party), Alec Fisken (Prefers Democratic Party), Duane Davidson (Prefers Republican Party), and Marko Liias (Prefers Democratic Party).

State Auditor: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (Prefers Democratic Party), Mark Miloscia (Prefers Republican Party), Jeff Sprung (Prefers Democratic Party), Mark Wilson (Prefers Independent Party), and David Golden (States No Party Preference).

Attorney General: incumbent Bob Ferguson (Prefers Democratic Party) is being challenged by Joshua B. Trumbull (Prefers Libertarian Party).

Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz (Prefers Democratic Party), Karen Porterfield (Prefers Democratic Party), Steve McLaughlin (Prefers Republican Party), Dave Upthegrove (Prefers Democratic Party), Mary Verner (Prefers Democratic Party), Steven M. Nielson (Prefers Libertarian Party) and John Stillings (Prefers Democratic Party).

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal, Erin Jones, KumRoon (Mr. Mak) Maksirisombat, Robin Fleming, Ron Higgins, Grazyna Prouty, David Spring, John Patterson Blair, and Al Runte.

Insurance Commissioner: incumbent Mike Kreidler (Prefers Democratic Party) is being challenged by Justin Murta (Prefers Libertarian Party) and Richard Schrock (Prefers Republican Party).

Those races with more than two candidates will be on the August 2nd Primary Election Ballot which should be mailed to registered voters on July 15th.