Neatherlin Campaign Responds to Griffey Endorsement Statement

election 2016 cThe Committee to Re-elect Randy Neatherlin has released a statement in response to Dan Griffey’s statement Sunday on his endorsement of the candidate for Mason County Commissioner. The following is from Dr. Brian Petersen:

“Representative Griffey spoke on two different occasions to two different representatives of the Randy Neatherlin campaign, one of which was myself.   Mr. Griffey clearly offered his endorsement for the Commissioner’s re-election.   We understand the pressure Representative Griffey must be feeling from those close to him, including direct threats from the former Mason County Republican Chair.  That pressure has obviously taken a toll on Mr. Griffey in the days since he offered his endorsement.   That’s unfortunate but we wish him all the best going forward.

The Neatherlin Campaign will continue to celebrate the support from the additional 34 elected officials who continue to emphatically champion our commissioner’s tremendous work in the community.   They stand by their endorsements and remain firmly behind his re-election effort.”