PUD 1 Holding Hearing on I-732

pud 1 80 yrs logoThe board of Mason County PUD No. 1 is holding a public hearing to solicit comment on I-732 (Carbon Emission Tax Initiative) at 1:00 PM Tuesday. The PUD’s regular board meeting will immediately follow. The purpose of this hearing is to help the commission determine an official District position on the initiative. The board also encourages public comments by mail or email from ratepayers who are unable to attend.

Mason County PUD 1 Commission meets in the District board room located at 21971 N. Hwy 101 in Potlatch.

Mason County PUD 3 has passed a resolution opposing Initiative 732 which will appear on the General Election Ballot. If approved the initiative would impose a tax on the sale or use of certain fuels and fossil-fuel-generated electricity while reducing the sales tax by 1% and reducing B&O taxes for manufacturers.