Griffey to Seek Re-Election

Dan Griffey has officially announced he will seek re-election to his 35th District State Representative Position 1 seat. The Republican made the announcement Saturday with the release of the following statement:

Representative Dan Griffey runs for Re-election

Since his victory in 2014, Representative Dan Griffey has been working all over the 35th Legislative District addressing the needs of the people. He has made a point of calling and meeting with local leaders and citizens to find better ways to serve them.

When asked what he liked most about serving in the state legislature Griffey stated-“The answer is simple- serving the people in the 35th. Yes, we have passed important bills as a legislative body but it is the phone calls and e- mails I get every day from people in need, where I can make a “right now” difference that inspire me most. We have been able to help thousands of people navigate government red tape and other serious issues. At the end of the day that is what it is all about”.

Griffey is leading the charge to remove the Statute of Limitations on sex crimes. Sending a clear message to criminals that Washington State will not be a safe haven. He also voted to process all rape kits collected.

Griffey stood with Kerry Kasem, daughter of radio legend and top 40 countdown host Casey Kasem, to remove barriers and allow patients to see their loved ones at their request and not be isolated.

Griffey led the charge in preventing identity theft by keeping social security numbers on public documents private. He also sponsored bills to help our firefighters, including a bill to provide additional local training.

Representative Dan Griffey has always been focused on streamlining Government and working to reduce red-tape while increasing government accountability. Protecting our property rights, trusting parents, expanding local control, fully funding education and preserving our rights to continue to keep and bear arms will be at the top of his list.

When not in session Dan Griffey serves the citizens as a Lieutenant Firefighter and instructor with Central Mason Fire and EMS- along with his 18 year old daughter who is a volunteer firefighter.

Dan has been married to Dinah for 24 years and they have 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Dinah serves on the North Mason school board. The Griffey family originally came to the Allyn area in the early 1900’s. Both of Dan’s parents were some of the first volunteer firefighters in the area, drove NM school buses and have served our community as Port Commissioner, Fire Commissioner and on local community boards. The next generation is stepping up and Representative Dan Griffey is focused on continuing the family tradition.