Presidential Primary Ballots to be Mailed Next Week

Over 36,000 ballots will be mailed out May 4th to all registered voters in Mason County for the upcoming Presidential Primary.  Military and overseas ballots have already been sent out in early April.

2016 prez prime sample ballot

The Presidential Primary was created by the Legislature in 1989 as a response to a citizen initiative to the Legislature, which offers voters an opportunity to participate in the nomination of major political party candidates. 

Each political party may choose whether they will use the Presidential Primary results to allocate delegates to their national nomination convention.  The political parties may also use caucus results, or a combination of primary results and causus results.

According to the Secretary of State, this year the Republican Party will use the Primary results to allocate 100% of their convention delegates.  The Democratic Party will not use the Primary results to allocate any of their delegates.  They will rely solely on the results of their caucuses held on Marth 26th.

The Presidential Primary is unlike any other election that is conducted in Washington State.  For this election only; voters are required to make a party declaration at the time of voting, voters must choose and sign a political party declaration on the return ballot envelope, voters must vote for only one candidate on the ballot of the same political party as the signed declaration, and the voter’s political party preference will be a matter of public record following the certification of the election. However, the voter’s candidate choice is secret and is never tied to the voter record.

Because the Presidential Primary is unique to voters, included in every ballot packet are 7 easy steps for making sure votes cast in this election are correct and counted.  It is important that voters follow these instructions.

Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, May 24th, or returned to a ballot drop by 8 p.m. Voters who wait until a couple of days before the deadline to fill out their ballot are urged to use a ballot drop box provided by the county to ensure their vote counts. Included in your ballot package is a list of ballot box locations within Mason County.

If you are not currently registered to vote in Washington, you have until May 16 to do so.  To register in person, visit the Mason County Auditor’s office at 411 No. 5th Street.  If you have any questions regarding the Presidential Primary, please contact the Election’s department at 360-427-9670 ext. 470.