Retail Sales Up in the Last Quarter of 2015

DOR logoWashington state’s taxable retail sales grew 7.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015 while retail trade, which is a portion of all taxable retail sales, rose 4.7 percent. In Mason County taxable retail sales were up 5.47 percent while retail trade increased 9.68 percent.

When you separate the City of Shelton and the unincorporated areas of Mason County, you see an taxable retail sales increased of 7.81 percent in the City and an increase of 4.08 percent in the unincorporated Mason County. However, retail trade was in unincorporated areas was up 16.6 percent compared to the 2.9 percent increase in Shelton.

This data comes from a quarterly analysis of tax return data by industry provided by the Washington State Department of Revenue (Revenue). The reports compare the same quarter year-over-year to equalize any seasonal effects that would influence consumer and business spending decisions.

Revenue categorizes the state’s taxable retail sales using the North American Industry Classification System, the same method federal statistical agencies use to classify businesses for the purpose of analyzing data related to the economy.