Bowling to Challenge Griffey for State House

Irene Bowling campaign pictureIrene Bowling announced Thursday that she will run for State Representative in the 35th Legislative District. Bowling, a Democrat will take on Republican Dan Griffey.

“Like many of you, I’ve become frustrated with the political bickering and special interest influence in Olympia,” said Bowling. “We’ve got huge issues to address but people seem more concerned about political gamesmanship and taking care of their lobbyist friends rather than getting something done for ordinary citizens.”

Bowling said that she is an action-orientated person and that she’s running for the House because she’s seen too much inaction in Olympia. “I’ve sat back and watched as the Legislature has ignored the Supreme Court’s mandate to fully fund our local schools. My opponent has offered bumper sticker solutions that aren’t even taken seriously by his own party. Our kids deserve better than that and that’s why I’m running for the Legislature.”

Another issue that Bowling would like to address is natural resource management. “The long-term viability of our local timber, shellfish, and tourism industries will depend upon wise choices and strong stewardship of our resources. Preserving our hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreational opportunities demand forward-thinking management. We can have clean air and water while maintaining a healthy economy,” said Bowling.

She also thinks that families in our area have had a tough go of it the last few years. Bowling said that “people are working harder and longer than ever before with less money in their pocket and time with their family to show for it. I believe that people who work 40 hours a week deserve a living wage and should have the ability to take time off to care for a sick child or elderly parent without losing their job or income.”

“One thing has become absolutely clear to me is that special interests will spend and say whatever it takes to try to defeat me. They know that the only people I’m beholden to is the people of the 35th District. So, I’d like to go on the record right now and state clearly that I do not support a state income tax. I do not support new gas taxes, and I am a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights,” said Bowling

Irene Bowling’s family has been in the 35th District since the 1930’s. She has been a small business owner for 36 years. Irene is the recipient of the YWCA Outstanding Women of Achievement Award and is active in many charitable and community organizations. She is an internationally acclaimed concert pianist and has a Doctoral Degree from the University of Washington. She and her husband Bill have three children and live across the street from the home she grew up in.