Carbon Washington Talks I-732

audio iconKyle Murphy with Carbon Washington talked with Canal Communications about Initiative 732 – the Carbon Emission Tax. The measure will appear on the November 8th General Election Ballot and if approved would impose a tax on the sale or use of certain fuels and fossil-fuel-generated electricity while reducing the sales tax by 1% and reducing B&O taxes for manufacturers.

040716 Murphy explains I732

I-732 is patterned after a carbon tax passed in British Columbia in 2008.

040716 Murphy affects in BC

MWTV/HCC asked Murphy to explain the cost to the average family:

040716 Murphy cost to family

Mason County PUD 3 recently passed a resolution opposing the initiative. One of their reasons for the opposition is a projection that I-732 would create a $900 Million funding shortfall for the State. Murphy says those projections are mistaken:

040716 Murphy projection mistaken

The PUD also cited flaws in the fuel mix report which will be use to calculate the carbon tax on utilities as another reason for their opposition. Murphy says the initiative encourages those utilities to accurately disclose their power sources:

040716 Murphy disclose power

040716 Murphy disclosed power 2

Murphy also said the PUD’s Community Solar project should help reduce the utility’s carbon tax:

040716 Murphy local solar

Initiative 732 is the first of its kind in the country and if passed will show Washington’s leadership when it comes to dealing with climate change:

040716 Murphy impact on world

More information on I-732 is available online at

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