New Flood Levels for Skokomish River

skok river gauge locationThe National Weather Service has made adjustments to the flood levels for the Skokomish river near Potlach in Mason County as of march 7 2016. There are new higher flood levels in effect for the Skokomish. Furthermore, there is a new moderate flood level that has been added.

The new flood levels are:

Flood stage (minor flood)     17.0 feet   (old level 16.5 feet)

Moderate flood                17.8 feet   (none previous)

Major flood                   18.5 feet   (old level 17.5 feet)

According to a news release, there have been changes in the River and now there are less damaging or threatening flood impact occurring than there used to be. These changes better match the flood categories of minor, moderate and major flood to the corresponding flood impacts that occur in the lower river basin served by this stream gage. These changes were coordinated with Mason County officials.