sheriff badgeMason County Sheriff’s Office deputies have taken several reports from citizens who have received phone calls stating that they are being sued by the IRS.   The calls are automated and tell the listener to call a phone number with an area code from outside Washington state because they are being sued by the IRS and this is their last chance to take care of it.  The Caller ID information has shown up as Paetec Starnet.

These phone calls are a scam. recommends that if you do receive a call do not give out information and hang up immediately.  It also states that the IRS will never “call to demand immediate payment, nor will the agency call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill.”

Deputy Chris Liles said, “To my knowledge there has not been a report of anyone falling for the scam but I would like the information spread as much as possible to prevent it from happening.”

For further information about how to identify IRS scams as well as report them, click the Help & Resources tab on the website and then select Fraud, Identity Theft & Phishing.