City Takes First Step to Reduce Building Fees

The Shelton City Commission Monday took the first step to reduce building fees by reducing the Frontage Improvement Charge from all residential projects by making the “Base Fee” $0.00. According to Steve Goins, Director of the City’s Department of Community and Economic Development, that is a reduction from $50.00.

This reduction goes into effect in 30 days and is effective on April 2nd. The reduction is the first in a series of changes in what is being called “the Fee Reduction Plan” which Commissioner Kathy McDowell and Mayor Gary Cronce hope will kick start development in the City:

Commissioner Tracy Moore voted against this reduction:

City staff is expected to bring additional fee reduction items to the Commission for approval next Monday. These items include reducing all plan review and building permit fees by 30%; eliminating all water and sewer application fees; eliminating water connection charges; reducing water and sewer general facility charges (GFC) by 55% and reducing Traffic Impact Fees (TIF) by 28%.

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