Watch Latest Mason County Commission Meeting

Watch latest Mason County Commission meeting:

Here is the agenda for March 1, 2016:

Commission Chambers – 9:00 a.m.
411 North Fifth Street, Shelton WA 98584
TUESDAY, March 1, 2016

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call

4. Correspondence and Organizational Business

4.1 Correspondence

4.2 Exceptional Service Award for Alex Paysse – Presented by Debbie Riley

4.3 News Release: Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council-Chair Jeffreys

5. Open Forum for Citizen Input (5 minutes per person, 15 minutes time limit)
If you wish to address the Commission, raise your hand to be recognized by the Chair. When you have been recognized, please step up to the microphone and give your name and address before your comments. The Mason County Commission is committed to maintaining a meeting atmosphere of mutual respect and speakers are encouraged to honor this principle.

6. Adoption of Agenda
Items appearing on the agenda after “Item 9. Public Hearings”, may be acted upon before 9:30 a.m.

7. Approval of Minutes – There are no minutes for approval.

8. Approval of Action Agenda: All items listed under the “Action Agenda” may be enacted by one motion unless a Commissioner or citizen requests an item be removed from the Action Agenda and considered as a separate item.

8.1 Approval of the Veterans Assistance Fund applications for: Necessity Items $350.00; Utilities $568.96; and Housing $1000.00 for a total of $1918.95 as recommend by the Veterans Service Office.

8.2 Approval for the Board to authorize ER&R to declare certain equipment and vehicles as surplus and dispose of at the Washington State Surplus Sales and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers.

8.3 Approval for the Board to authorize Public Works Utilities Division to enter into a two year contract with Tacoma Diesel & Equipment, Inc. for annual generator services. Payment for the services will be proportionately applied to the five utility systems and the funding for the work will be paid out of the following accounts: North Bay, Rustlewood and Belfair.

8.4 Approval for the Board to authorize Public Works to enter into a contract with Correct Equipment to install new electrical panels at lift stations 2 and 3 for the Rustlewood Sewer System for the amount of $12,970.00 plus shipping and the funding for the work will be paid from the Rustlewood account.

8.5 Approval for the Board to authorize Public Works to enter into a contract with Correct Equipment to purchase and install a Missions Control lift station Telemetry and Monitoring System for Rustlewood Wastewater Treatment Plant and lift stations. The cost is $12,360.94 and will be paid from the Rustlewood account.

8.6 Approval to amend Resolution No. 45-15 for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Microenterprise Program changing the funding request to $269,210.

8.7 Approval to appoint William Kysor and William Sharp to the Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council for terms ending December 2017.

8.8 Approval of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Mason County and Washington State University Extension that provides funding for WSU Extension to provide programs in Mason County based on the 2016 budget.

8.9 Approval of the resolution for the Teamsters General Service Collective Bargaining agreement for employees to apply to participate in the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) program for medical insurance and sign the Governmental Function Attestation form as required for the application package.

8.10 Approval of Winter 2016 Heritage Grant to North Bay Historical Society in the amount of $5,000 for producing short videos for public use and archiving pertaining to the history of the Sargent Oyster House.

8.11 Approval of the following non-represented reclassification requests, effective March 1, 2016, that were received during the “Exceptional Request Window of Opportunity” and sign the revised Non-Represented Salary Scale Range Alignment Resolution:
• Chief Deputy (Assessor’s Office) to Chief Deputy Assessor, Range 29 Step 3
• Chief Appraiser (Assessor’s Office) to Range 29 Step 5
• Personal Health Manager to Range 34 Step 4
• Program Manager II (Health Department) to Environmental Health Manager, Step 34 Step 4
• Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney to Range 46 Step 1
• Administrative Supervisor (Prosecutor’s Office) to Administrative Manager, Range 29 Step 5
• Road Operations & Maintenance/ER&R Manager to Step 38 Step 4 (remove special pay)
• Public Works Director to Range 46 Step 5 (remove special pay)
• Support Services Director to Range 46 Step 5 (remove special pay)
• Engineer I (Public Works) to Range 26
• Engineer I (Public Works) working out-of-class to Engineer II
• Finance Manager (Public Works) to Range 31 Step 4
• Assistant Road Maintenance Manager to Road Operations & Maintenance Assistance Manager, Range 34 Step 4 (remove special pay)
• Therapeutic Court Program Manager I to Range 25 Step 1 (permanent reclassification) Court Administrator to Superior Court Administrator to Range 35 Step 1

8.12 Approval of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with AFSCME Local Union 1504 for the following reclassifications, effective March 1, 2016, that were received during the “Exceptional Request Window of Opportunity”:
• District Court Clerk Supervisor to Administrative Assistant, Range 25
• Senior Accounting Technician (Auditor’s Office) to Financial Analyst, Range 27

8.13 Approval of the reclassification of the Senior Accounting Technician to Program Support Technician, Teamsters General Services contract, effective March 1, 2016. The Departments of Community Development and Public Health have been combined creating the Community Services Department and due to the expanded duties this position is being reclassified.

8.14 Approval of the Letter to the Department of Ecology requesting a temporary upgrade of Marty Grabill’s Group II Wasterwater Operator Certification to a Group III Certification in order to meeting regulatory requirements until permanent staff can be hired.

9. 9:30 a.m. Public Hearings and Items Set for a Certain Time – There are no public hearings.

10. Other Business (Department Heads and Elected Officials)

11. Board’s Reports and Calendar

12. Adjournment

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