MTA General Manager Resigns

Mason Transit has released additional information on the resignation of its MTA logoGeneral Manager:

The governing Board of Mason Transit Authority took action at their regular meeting on February 16, 2016, to accept the resignation of MTA’s General Manager, Brad Patterson.  Mr. Patterson accepted the Board’s request that he resign in lieu of going through a termination process.  The resignation concludes an investigation being conducted by the Board with no findings having been made.  The settlement agreement requires MTA to pay $25,000.00 to Mr. Patterson to aid him in pursuing new employment opportunities and does not constitute an admission of any wrongdoing.  Mr. Patterson’s resignation is effective February 29, 2016.

The Authority Board has not yet begun the search for a new general manager. The Board plans to work closely with staff and constituents to develop an interview and assessment process that will find the best replacement candidate. They estimate it may take up to six months before a selection is made. Danette Brannin, MTA’s Finance Manager, was appointed as Acting General Manager.

Terri Jeffreys, Authority Board Chair, stated, “The Board is thankful the two parties could come to an agreement and will concentrate our efforts on completing the projects and initiatives currently on our plate.  We have full confidence that our management team and acting general manager have the skills and tools to continue to move the agency forward while continuing to provide world class service to our riders and the entire Mason County community.”