State House tackles big package of education bills Monday in Olympia

audio iconThe state House debated and OK’d a wide range of school-related legislation in Olympia Monday. Dan Frizzell has that story.


Wrap (:68 total):  More than one frustrated lawmaker has commented, ironically, that while the state House is working to improve classrooms, the Senate is spending its time and attention on bathrooms.  This was more than evident today, as the House tackled a number of bills dealing with everything from school counselors to community colleges issuing bachelors degrees.  One key bill dealt with Washington’s critical teacher shortage.  Representative Gerry Pollet wrote legislation that would help would-be teachers pay for the testing required for certification to teach certain subjects . . . specialities that are in high demand in Washington state.

POLLET:  “Our state faces a very severe teacher shortage crisis.  We are committed to lowering our class sizes; however, you can’t lower class sizes without teachers.” [:12].

Pollet, a Democrat from Seattle, also got bipartisan approval of his bill to prohibit deceptive marketing practices engaged in by a handful of for-profit colleges — practices that can leave students tens of thousands of dollars in debt to the school, with no degree to show for it and little hope of employment.  At the state Capitol, I’m Dan Frizzell.