School Levies Passing

vote2013The replacement levies for North Mason, Mary M. Knight and Hood Canal school districts are passing. The Emergency Medical Services levy is also passing for Mason County Fire District 18.

After ballots were counted Tuesday night, the North Mason School District’s four-year replacement levy had a 61.64% approval rate. That’s 2,081 voting “Yes” and 1,295 voting “No” for the levy that would tax property owners $2.36 per thousand of assessed value beginning in 2017.

Mary M. Knight School District’s two-year replacement levy had a 64.08% approval rate with 182 voting “Yes” and 102 voting “No”. This levy would tax property owners $4.24 per thousand in 2017 and 2018.

The results for the Hood Canal School District show that 59.79% voted “Yes” while 20.21% voted “No” for a three-year replacement levy. That’s 950 voting for the levy and 639 voting against. This levy would tax Hood Canal School District property owners $1.61 per thousand in 2017, $1.69 per thousand in 2018, and $1.77 per thousand in 2019.

And there is overwhelming support for Mason County Fire Distict 18’s EMS levy with 78.82% (361 voters) saying “Yes” and 21.18% (97 voters) saying “No”. This is a two-year replacement levy at 25 cents per thousand of assessed value for those in the Lake Cushman area.