City Asked to Respond to Lawsuit Over Historic Dump

The Shelton City Commission was asked Monday to respond to the lawsuit filed over the clean up of the C Street Dump.

Shelton Mayor Gary Cronce was cautious but did respond:

City Administrator Dave O’Leary did remind everyone that anyone can file a lawsuit:

Outgoing City Commissioner Mike Olsen did think the suggestion to have the City Attorney available is a good idea:

Waste Action Project filed the suit against the City to enforce closure regulations for the dump. The civil action filed in Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington asks for declaratory and injunctive relief, the imposition of civil penalties, and the award of costs and fees.

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One thought on “City Asked to Respond to Lawsuit Over Historic Dump”

  1. “Any lawyer can file a lawsuit.” So sayeth Mr. O’Leary. Yes, this is true, but lawyers do not file frivilous lawsuits in federal court.

    This is a serious lawsuit, filed by serioues citizens, and their concerns are valid… for O’Leary to say “Any lawyer can file a lawsuit” makes me think that it is past time for him to retire! And where will he be when the federal court judge starts imposing fines against the City: $37,500 per day per violation… this is not an idle threat, the City has had a year to do something to satisfy this group that it was moving on this matter… they failed. Lawsuit filed. Perhaps Herr Cronce can explain to us how this benefits the ratepayers he swears he represents!!

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