Election Results (Updated 11/5/15)

Here are the latest unofficial election results from Tuesday’s General Election which show no significant changes. Election officials in the Mason County Auditor’s Office counted 3165 ballots since the initial count on Tuesday night and these results (as of about 2 PM Thursday) are very close to final with very few ballots expected before certification. 

In the race for Shelton Mayor, incumbent Gary Cronce has increased his lead on Marilyn Vogler to 60 votes. Cronce now has 52.05% (760 votes) to Vogler’s 47.95% (700 votes).

For City of Shelton Commissioner of Finance and Accounting, challenger Kathy McDowell maintained her lead on incumbent Mike Olsen. McDowell now has 61.78% (894 votes) to Olsen’s 38.22% (553 votes).

The City of Shelton Transportation Benefit District Sales and Use Tax for Transportation Improvements is now passing with over 60% approval (60.16%). That’s 844 voting “Yes” to increase the sales tax 0.02% to fix the streets in Shelton and 559 voting “No”.

Sue Patterson has increased her lead on incumbent Tom Wallitner for Port of Shelton Commissioner Position 1. Patterson now has 56.85% (2,416 votes) to Wallitner’s 43.15% (1,834 votes).

In the Shelton School Board races:

Sandy Tarzewll leads Cheryl Williams 1,811 votes (54.19%) to 1,531 votes (45.81%) for Director District #1.

Ginger Seslar leads Ross Gallagher 1,815 votes (51.34%) to 1,720 votes (48.66%) for Director District #2.

Sally Brownfield leads William (Bill) Shanahan 2,247 votes (64.9%) to 1, 215 votes (35.1%) for Director Position No. 1.

Keri Davidson leads Terry C. Miller 2,172 votes (66.22%) to 1,108 votes (33.78%) for Director Position No. 2.

In the North Mason School Board races:

Incumbent Laura Boad leads Travis Couture 2,181 votes (69.57%) to 954 votes (30.43%) for Director District #3.

Incumbent John Campbell leads Nancy C. Williams 1860 votes (62.21%) to 1,130 votes (37.79%) for Director District #4.

For Grapeview School Board Director District Position No. 5, Don Torrey leads Steve Van Denover, 367 votes (57.52%) to 271 votes (42.48%).

In the Mary M. Knight School District, Cynthia Brehmeyer leads Rick Johnson 170 votes to 96 votes for Director District #3. And Patti J. McLean has a 30-vote lead on Steven J. Messman 146 votes to 116 votes for Director Position No. 2.

In the contested Fire Commissioner races:

Randy Grauer has 464 votes to Mike Petcu’s 241 votes for Fire District 3 Commissioner Position No. 1.

Rich Heinrich leads Merlyn Flakus 286 votes to 241 for Fire District 6 Commissioner Position No. 3.

Marvin C. Anderson has 169 votes to Mike DeCapua’s 107 votes for Fire District 9 Commissioner Position No. 3.

Terri S. Wood has an eight vote lead on Jody Dick for Fire District 12 Commissioner Position No. 3. That’s 137 votes for Wood (51.5%) and 129 votes for Dick (48.5%).

Bob Burbridge leads L. Steve Ednomdson 151 votes to 104 votes for Fire District 16 Commissioner Position #3. District 16’s property tax lid lift is failing with 51.74% voting against. That’s 164 voting “No” and 163 voting “Yes”.

For the North Mason Regional Fire Authority Commission, Paul M. Severson has 1,117 votes (60.48%) to Thomas Wampold’s 742 votes (39.52%) for Commissioner Position 4. And Robert (Bob) Miller leads Merrill Wallace 1,111 votes (60.05%) to 739 votes (39.95%) for Commissioner Position 5.

In the Maggie Lake Water District Commissioner Position #3 race, Robert K. Sample leads Peter Bissinger 32 votes to 21 votes.

And Deborah Watson has 85 votes to Roni Geman’s 15 for Trails End Water District Commissioner Position #2.

So far, 14,546 ballots have been counted making the turnout 40.59%. The next ballot count isn’t scheduled until 4 PM November 23rd with the election certified on November 24th.