City Moving Forward with Closure of C Street Landfill

video iconThe City of Shelton is moving forward with the process to close the C Street Landfill. In January 2015, the City admitted its status as a Potentially Liable Person (PLP) and began meeting with the Department of Ecology to determine requirements and steps necessary to close the landfill in accordance with State Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). In June, the Commission approved a contract with Aspect Consulting, LLC to assist the City in negotiating an Agreed Order (AO) with Ecology, and developing a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study for the landfill. Now City staff has finalized the AO which needs City Commission approval.

The Shelton City Commission was briefed on the AO Monday night and according to Greg Clark, the AO says the City is responsible to: Complete a Technical Memorandum Identifying Chemicals of Concern and Screening Levels; Develop a Remedial Investigation Plan; Conduct a Feasibility Study; and Define the Clean Up Action Plan.

In addition, the City agrees to cooperate with Ecology in the development and implementation of a Public Participation plan. A public meeting on the landfill will be held next month. Date will be determined after the Agreed Order has been signed by the City Commission, two of which voiced support of signing the AO Monday night:

By entering into this AO, the City does not admit to any liability for the Site. Although the City is committing to completing the work required by this AO, the City retains the right to seek cost recovery or contribution against third parties, and the right to assert any defenses to liability in the event of enforcement.

Here is Monday night’s briefing in its entirety:

The Agreed Order will be on the City Commission’s consent agenda next Monday.