Police Blotter 10/6/15

police blotterThe following is a summary of notable police and emergency calls in Mason County from Monday, October 5, 2015. Specific details have not been released (unless otherwise indicated).

Fire: (fatality) intersection of S 10th Street & Railroad Avenue in Shelton;

Burglary: 600 block E Passage View Road on Harstine Island; 700 block E Island Lake Drive; 400 block W Nahwatzel Beach Drive on Lake Nahwatzel; 500 block W Benthein Road near Schafer State Park;

Assault: 300 block NE Mast Road in Belfair; 100 block E Sea Vista Lane in Rustlewood; 700 block W Alder Street in Shelton;

Drugs: on NE Larson Boulevard in Belfair; (Meth Investigation) NE Harpoon Drive in Belfair; 2500 block Olympic Highway North in Shelton;

DUI: on E Alderney Street in Union; on W Cloquallum Road east of Lake Arrowhead;

Fraud: 300 block NE SChooner Loop in Belfair; 1000 block NE Sand Hill Road in Belfair;

Malicious Mischief: 1200 block E St. Andrews Drive North in Lake Limerick;

Noise Complaint: on East J Street in Shelton;

Outstanding Warrant: on NE Santa Maria Lane in Belfair;

Sudden Death: 1200 block N Potlatch Drive in Lake Cushman;

Theft: 1000 block NE Sand Hill Road in Belfair; on E Cozy Crest Lane south of Belfair; 1900 block E Crestview Drive in Shorecrest; 1300 block E St. Andrews Drive North in Lake Limerick; on W Salmonberry Drive off Fish Hathery Road;

Traffic Collision: 600 block W Franklin Street in Shelton; intersection of S 1st Street & Turner Avenue in Shelton;

Any one with information on these crimes and incidents is encouraged to contact law enforcement.