Oysterfest: West Coast Oyster Shucking Championship

oysterfestThousands of people attended this weekend’s 34th Annual Osyterfest put on by the Skookum Rotary. Steve Andrewski, this year’s Grand Old Oyster or GOO, told MasonWebTV.com Sunday that approximately 10,000 people attended Saturday with at least the same attendance Sunday. Everyone video iconseemed to like the new location (a mile north of the old fairgrounds on Sanderson Field’s closed runway) and the new layout. And, as always, attendees enjoyed all the food, drink and entertainment including the West Coast Oyster Shucking Championship.

Miriel Silva made it a clean sweep this year taking the Speed Shucking Competition, the Half Shell Competition, and having the Best Presentation.

Saturday, each shucker had 24 oysters to shuck as quickly as possible and Silva came out on top.

For the Half Shell Competition on Sunday, speed was still a factor, but even more important was presentation. Each contestant must not only shuck 24 oysters but place each on its back in the half shell. Any cuts in the oyster itself or pieces of shell in the finished half-shell, caused points to be deducted from that shucker’s overall score which means the fastest shucker doesn’t necessarily win. In Sunday’s case, Silva finished third behind Gerardo Leon and David Leck but his overall presentation made him the winner.

Here is the finals of the Half Shell Competition: