County Adjusts Current Budget

The Mason County Commission has transferred nearly $278,000 ($277,960) from the Current Expense Ending Fund Budget balance to pay for contract settlements and health care contributions for employees of the AFSCME union and for unexpected but non-debatable health care services at the Mason County Jail. The union employees are in the Assessor’s Office, the Auditor’s Office, the Clerk’s Office, the Treasurer’s Office and the District Court. That amount totaled nearly $13,000 ($12,960). The rest of the transfer pays for the medical needs of inmates in the jail as the County is required to provide medical treatment to offenders who are in custody. The $265,000 is in addition to the $368,000 budgeted for this year. According to Tom Haugen, Superintendent of the Mason County Jail, this was not a typical year for the jail which usually comes in right on budget. In March, there were three inmates whose medical treatment expenses totaled over $150,000 alone, using up the budgeted amount and the Jail still had to pay for the rest of the year and the other inmates.