splach logoOur Community Credit Union (OCCU) has helped SPLASH (Support & Preserve Lifelong Aquatic Safety & Health) to meet its funding goal with a contribution of $10,000 to go toward the immediate repairs required to keep the Shelton community pool open.  

Bert Fisher, OCCU CEO, stated, “The Shelton community is surrounded by some of the most spectacular water access in the Pacific Northwest.   As stewards of the community, OCCU has an obligation and responsibility to the members of our community, especially our children, and the generations to follow thereafter.”   Mr. Fisher added that “OCCU is committed to supporting a safe environment where everyone in Mason County, and the surrounding areas, can learn to swim and be comfortable in and around the water.  We would be irresponsible if we did not support SPLASH’s efforts to ensure that everyone has access to this important community resource.  The Shelton community pool project and the outstanding efforts of SPLASH provide this opportunity.  We are thrilled to be a part of the great work being done for the overall health and safety of our community. ”

Working on a tight deadline to assure the completion of the repairs needed to maximize utilization of the pool by community members, students and local swim teams, SPLASH feverishly raised money to fund the construction work needed to keep the pool in operation.  The immediate repairs cost a total of $177,000.  Working with the community, SPLASH has directly raised over $100,000.  Additional grants and support from local and regional partners has contributed to raising the total amount needed to complete the current pool repairs.  This generous and timely donation of $10,000 from Our Community Credit Union made it possible for SPLASH to meet the funding needs for the pool and making it possible for the repairs to be completed by the September 25, 2015, deadline.

“Kudos goes to the members of the SPLASH board and to the numerous community members, businesses and organizations who have stepped forward to raise the funds needed for the necessary immediate repairs to keep the pool open.   The SPLASH Board members have done an amazing job in garnering community support and raising funds in a very short period of time and is an awesome example of our community working together and accomplishing great things,” said Eric Moll, MGH&FC CEO.  Joining Moll in acknowledgement of this wonderful community effort was Bob Appel, MGH&FC liaison to SPLASH, “A cooperative and dynamic partnership has been forged between Mason General Hospital & Family of Clinics, the Shelton School District and SPLASH to raise the funds necessary for the immediately needed repairs to the pool thus allowing it to stay open.”