Potlatch State Park Closed to Recreational Water Use

Mason County Public health logoPossible bacterial Contamination due to a failing large onsite septic system is causing the closure of the beach at Potlatch State Park to recreational marine water use.

The areas closed to recrational water use until further notice include areas within 240 meters north and south of the point of entry of Potlatch Creek (Minerva Beach Community) into Annas Bay; the area just south of the boat launch off North Tillicum Beach Lane, down to the area near the restrooms at Potlatch State Park. (Although this closure also includes shellfish harvesting, the shellfish harvesting season at Potlatch State Park ended September 15th.)

Closed to recreational water use means no swimming or wading where water could be swallowed or get in the mouth, nose, or eyes. People should avoide direct sking contact with the water if possible and immediately wash with soap and water if they have exposure to the water.

Mason County Public Health is working closely with the Washington State Department of Health as they monitor the affected areas. Beaches will reopen when water samples show the concentration of bacteria has dropped to safe levels.