Elected Officials to County Commission: No More Cuts

In a letter to the Mason County Commissioners, the other elected officials in the County told the Board they will NOT make additional cuts to the 2012 Budget. On October 31st, the Commissioners requested all elected officials cut another 8.5% from their budget requests for next year. This is on top of the 10% they already cut in the Preliminary Budget released in September. The latest request is to address potential cuts in funding from the State as it deals with filling a $2 Billion projected shortfall in the current biennium. Sheriff Casey Salisbury read the letter – signed by all ten of the other elected officials – during the County Commission’s Tuesday morning business meeting.

The Mason County Commissioners responded to the letter by saying they are trying to put the County in the best financial position while the recession and declining revenues continue. The request to cut another 8.5% is a starting point and they want to work with the other elected officials to find a solution other than spending the County’s reserves.

The Sheriff said he asked the Governor about the potential State cuts impact on County budgets:

The County has until the end of this year to adopted a budget for 2012.