Update on Sunnyside Fire 11 AM 8/30/15

Here is an update on the Sunnyside Fire burning in the Skokomish Valley as of 11 AM 8/30/15:

sunnyside fire map 083015


70 65%

68 personnel

The Sunnyside Fire started on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 7:28 pm. The fire burned the area underneath the power lines just above the Sunnyside Road in the Skokomish Valley. The fire started at the bottom of the hill just off the Sunnyside Road and burned north up the hill toward the top of the ridge and east toward highway 101. As of early Saturday morning the fire is estimated at 70 acres in size and is burning in heavy timber. There are no reports of damage to structures in the area but the fire damaged some of the wooden power poles. Crews from DNR, the Forest Service, local fire districts, and the Skokomish Tribe are working in partnership to control the fire.

Dozers completed a fire containment line around the northern edge of the fire. Crews completed a hand dug containment line around the western edge of the fire.  Crews are assessing the uncontained eastern edge of the fire.  Containment along the eastern side of the fire faces several challenges including steep slopes with dense trees and a thick bush understory. These challenges, in addition to wind and rain, present safety risks to fire fighting efforts. Fire-fighting crews have reengaged in full fire suppression and mop-up efforts.  The local community can expect to experience ongoing smoky conditions from smoldering material.

Crews will continue working to contain the easterly expansion of the fire onto erosion prone steep slopes while maintaining firefighter safety. The crews are employing Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) for the eastern area. These MIST techniques include minimizing the cutting of trees and allowing large diameter logs and stumps to burn out.

Road Closures: The Sunnyside Road is closed to all traffic, except local traffic.  Local traffic should use extreme caution when using Sunnyside Road, and watch for fire fighting equipment and burned and rolling debris on the roadway. The Skokomish River Road between Highway 101 and Sunnyside Road is also closed to traffic. Highway 101 traffic is being slowed through the area to avoid accidents while trucks are entering and exiting the Sunnyside Road. All other roads are open but the traveling public is asked to use caution while traveling through the area.

Evacuations: Residents were put on alert about the fire burning in the area but there are currently no evacuation orders in place.