Clean Water Loans Available to Repair Failing Septic Systems

Craft3, a nonprofit community development financial institution,has supported the repair or replacement of more than 500 failing septic systems with the Clean Water Loan. These loans are available to residents in Mason County as repairing or replacing a septic system is costly and many owners are in danger of losing their property because they cannot obtain a loan or cover the costs out of pocket.

Since 2003, Craft3 has offered an inclusive, affordable Clean Water Loan to cover the costs of designing, permitting, installing and maintaining residential and commercial septic systems. In selected areas, the loan can also be used to connect to municipal sewer systems.

With support from local and state government, as well as regional foundations and partner organizations, more than $12 million in Clean Water Loans have helped 535 property owners repair or replace their failing septic systems in Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Pierce and Pacific Counties.

According to Debbie Riley, Environmental Health Manager for Mason County Public Health, Craft3’s loan has been a lifesaver for 91 property owners in Mason County:

To apply for a Clean Water Loan, just visit and then work with a local licensed or certified septic professional on a bid. The program allows borrowers to hire locally, which supports small business and job creation. Information on Craft3 Clean Water Loans is also available at Mason County Public Health’s offices.