Shelton School District 2015-2016 Budget Released

The Shelton School District has released the budget for the 2015-2016 school year. According to the Budget Guide found on the District’s website (click here for a direct link), General Fund Revenues for the next school year are anticipated at just over $52 Million ($52,050,358) with Expenditures next year expect at just under $51.2 Million ($51,168,191).

SSD 2015-2016 budget rev sources

Of the revenues, 55 percent (or $28,651,678) comes from the State – General Purpose fund with another 15.6% (or $8,097,970) from the State – Special Purpose fund. Only 8.8 percent (or $4,571,145) comes from the Federal Government. And 5.6 percent (or $2,932,382) comes from grants and other Districts. Local taxes account for 13.6 percent (or $7,067,863) of the General Fund revenue.

Enrollment is used to calculate State funding and next year’s budget has a conservative enrollment of 4,045 FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) students.

Over $30 Million ($30,319,063) of the $51.2 Million is dedicated to teaching with the bulk of the funding for teach salaries and benefits.

This is just a short summary of the rather complicated budget. For more specific information, contact the Shelton School District. According to Brenda Hirschi, President of the Shelton School Board, staff, the Superintendent or Board Members will gladly help you understand the budget:

Salaries and benefits account for 81.2 percent of the budget with over $21 Million for certificated staff and almost $9 million for classified staff. However, most of the classified staff (para-educators, custodians and other support staff) hasn’t seen a raise in years. A number of them attended Tuesday’s School Board meeting to explain their situation and urge the District to consider their struggles when setting salaries:

A public hearing on the Shelton School District’s 2015-2016 Budget will be held at the next Shelton School Board meeting: 5:45 PM Tuesday, August 25, 2015 in the board room on the second floor of CHOICE.

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