Commissioners Urge Caution with Fireworks


Due to potential fire dangers during the extreme dry weather, the Mason County Board of Commissioners is encouraging caution this holiday by asking residents to voluntarily restrict their use of fireworks.  Take advantage of legal public firework displays, and limit any private use of fireworks to just the 4th of July.  Because RCW 70.77.250 (4) precludes local jurisdictions from enacting any ordinance more restrictive than state law any sooner than one (1) year after adoption, this is a voluntary restriction, not a ban, meant to foster public safety and fire danger awareness.  

Mason County is under a County-Wide burn ban issued by the Mason County Fire Marshal.  Much of the County is also subject to a state burn ban as issued by the Washington Department of Natural Resources.   Know what is restricted under each ban; know what ban applies to your property; and know how to burn responsibility and respectfully.  LEARN BEFORE YOU BURN!

LEARN … the Laws:  Mason County Burn Ban, effective June 22, 2015 until further notice ( or 360/427-7799); Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Burn Ban effective June 22, 2015, ( or call the DNR South Puget Sound Region at 360/825-1631).

LEARN … the Jurisdiction:  Much of Mason County is under the authority of DNR when it comes to fire protection – even private property.  If you live in Mason County and pay a FOREST FIRE PATROL DNR Fire Control Tax through your property taxes, you fall under DNR’s Burn Ban.  You can access your tax records through the Mason County website by clicking “Property/Parcel Information”, entering your address or parcel number, clicking the Treasure tab, and then viewing your statement.

LEARN … to be Safe:  For a helpful handout on the responsible use of fireworks, contact Detective William Adam ( or 360/427-9670 ext 313).

Be cautious, be courteous, and be safe …and if you have questions please contact the appropriate agency.  If you have an emergency, or if you see illegal fire activity, please call 911.

One thought on “Commissioners Urge Caution with Fireworks”

  1. Can we PLEASE use some simple sense here? So what if the commissioners don’t have the authority to call for a ban of fireworks. Let them do it this year. This is an unprecedented dry spell that calls for extraordinary measures. One spark with this dryness and wind and we will look like Wenatchee…burned to the ground.
    Just for your information, I’m against big government, but right now we need it because we are facing danger.

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