Hot Weather Expected Friday into Next Week; Rising Fire Danger

Strong high pressure over the Pacific Northwest will push temperatures into the 90s starting on Friday in parts of western Washington. Overnight temperatures will remain warm with many areas remaining in the lower to mid 60s. Saturday will likely be the hottest day with high temperatures expected to reach the lower to mid 90s around the greater Puget Sound region and the southwest interior. High clouds are expected to increase Saturday night through Sunday night allowing high temperatures to cool slightly on Sunday but the clouds will also keep overnight temperatures a little warmer.

Although coastal areas and other areas near large bodies of water will be a little cooler temperatures in those places will still be well above normal.

During hot weather it is important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you are more susceptible to the heat…stay inside in air conditioned areas. Avoid leaving children and pets unattended in cars…as temperatures inside parked cars can rise very quickly to deadly levels. Remember to apply sunscreen if you are outdoors.

The weather has been quite dry the last couple of months and now with the hottest weather of the year expected this weekend…fire danger will be high. A number of fires have already occurred in western Washington thanks to the dry conditions.

To help avoid starting any wildfires…avoid any outdoor burning including tossing any burning materials out of your vehicle. With the fourth of July holiday just around the corner…practice safety with your fireworks. Have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case they are needed. Call 911 if a fire emergency arises. A good alternative is to visit your local fireworks display rather than use fireworks yourself.