green diamondOfficials at Green Diamond Resource Company announced today closure of the company’s Washington timberlands to the public, effective immediately.

“We are seeing dry conditions normally not experienced before August, prompting us to close our lands to all public access,” explained Patti Case, public affairs/regulatory manager for Green Diamond Resource Company.  “Any entry is prohibited until fire danger eases,” she continued. 

According to Case, the closure applies to all unauthorized traffic, whether vehicular or otherwise.  Because of the significant danger, any individual apprehended on Green Diamond property may be prosecuted.  “We cannot emphasize enough the importance of protecting our timberlands from fire,” she said.  “Our forests are a critical element in our economy.  We ask the community’s cooperation in protecting them.”

As always, gates with posted signs announcing active harvest operations are off limits to all traffic.  All Green Diamond gates will be posted with signs over the next several days.  “Regardless of whether or not you see a sign,” Case explained, “all access is closed.”