County Sending Draft Belfair Sewer Finance Plans to State Auditor

video iconThe Mason County Commission voted 2 to 1 Tuesday to send two Belfair Sewer draft financial plans to the State Auditor for review. The past few audits of the County have resulted in a “finding” from the State Auditor’s Office relating to the finances of the wastewater system. According to auditors, the system is not generating enough revenue to repay the $13.6 Million debt issued to finance its construction and the Commissioners had not established a formal plan to address how to repay that debt. The County has drafted two plans. Both of which include building phase 2 of the project, and incentivizing early hookups by reducing connection charges for the next three years. However, one of those plans has the State’s Capital Budget designating $1.5 Million to the Belfair Sewer which is still being considered by the State Legislature. The plans also have an annual review and could be changed if necessary. The Commissioners discussed the plans for more than 45 minutes before taking action. Here is the full discussion:

Commissioner Tim Sheldon participated in the meeting by phone and voted against sending the plans to the Auditor. The Commissioners have NOT approved either plan and will take further public input prior to any action but only if they get a positive response from the State Auditor.

One thought on “County Sending Draft Belfair Sewer Finance Plans to State Auditor”

  1. Thank you for posting this discussion and testimony.
    I truly admire Terri Jeffreys for her clear, insightful comments and support to send the Belfair sewer financial plans to the State Auditor for review.
    And my heartfelt gratitude to Randy Neatherlin who never ceases to amaze me at his ability to look outside “normal” avenues for solutions to problems. He has a gift, and Mason County taxpayers are fortunate he is one of our county commissioners.
    I hope Dedrick will consider interviewing Mr. Neatherlin about why he chose not to connect to the sewer yet. The public only knows what the local paper has printed, and they seem to have a predetermined bias that purposely puts Neatherlin in a bad light.
    I also want to thank Dedrick Allan for this web site and his faithful reporting of local news, including video recordings of important public meetings. You are doing a great service to our county!

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