Change of Command Ceremony for Shelton NNDCC

photo allThe Shelton High School NNDCC (Navy National Defense Cadet Corps) received its Annual Military Inspection on April 2nd. The inspection was conducted by LCDR Meyer from Carson City, Nevada. LCDR Meyer a 30-year veteran of the US Navy is the Senior Naval Science Instructor at Carson High School in Carson City.

Cadets prepare for months for this inspection by organizing their supply and administrative records, studying knowledge and practicing naval traditions. Over a third of the cadets inspected received a perfect score of 10 and the average score for the unit was a 9. There are 105 students enrolled in this program.

Left to Right:  Sgt. Major Dan Hernandez, Sarah Oakes, Asher Fewell.
Left to Right: Sgt. Major Dan Hernandez, Sarah Oakes, Asher Fewell.

The inspection was followed in the evening by performances from the two drill teams, a pass in review and change of command ceremony. During the ceremony, Cadet Commander, Sarah Oakes, turned over the command to Cadet Asher Fewell for the next year.

Oakes, a senior this year, will be attending Washington State University in the fall to study Information Technology and Business Administration.

The Shelton NNDCC has met all requirements to be returned to an NJROTC and is on a waiting list for federal funding to make that happen. Local supporters continue to communicate with congressional staff.

Enrollment is open to students in grades 9-12 in the Shelton School District.