Overall PUD 3 Faired Well in Winter Storm

Mason County PUD No. 3 officials say the utility faired pretty well during last week’s winter storm. The PUD’s Operations Manager, Bob Smith, updated the PUD 3 Commissioners Tuesday on last week’s outages and response. According to Smith, there were no major outages and most were scattered around the County.  1-24-12smith1

Smith did point out some trouble spots such as Old Olympic Highway South, Pickering Road from the Harstine Island Bridge to Agate Road, north end of Harstine Island, and the North Shore of Hood Canal. The PUD did activate its outage call center Thursday morning which puts all employees to work responding to calls from customers as well as providing support for crews in the field. The call center was shut down Saturday night when only a few customers were without power. Commissioner Linda Gott said she was impressed with how everyone worked together. 1-24-12gott

Smith did explain that PUD 3 crews were assisted by crews from Mason County PUD No. 1, Douglas County PUD and Okanogan County PUD. 1-24-12smith2

Unlike other areas, core businesses in the Mason County PUD No. 3 service area did not lose power. 1-24-12smith3

The PUD is currently cleaning up after the storm and asks customers who see potential problems with trees or power lines to report it to the utility.

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  1. One of the reasons PUD 3 customers experienced fewer outages was due to preventative work; cutting back tree limbs overhanging power lines in the months BEFORE they became a problem. Now there’s a business model a few of our local leaders could learn from.

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