Political Op/Ed by Daniel Frishman: Support Pioneer School Bond


I urge all voters living within the Pioneer School District to vote YES for the school bond.

My reasons are simple.

The middle school building is old and on its last legs. If you want to see its condition for yourself, call the school for a tour of the building.

Security is a primary concern for today’s schools.  The middle school classrooms open to the outside. The building does not have one secure main entrance. To access a restroom a student must leave the classroom and walk across campus to another building, because there are no restrooms in the Middle School building. In light of the tragedies that have happened across America, this is not acceptable.

On a personal level, we all like to live in a home in which we are comfortable. We like to work in an environment in which we achieve our full potential. Do the kids deserve any less? Let’s provide an environment for them in which they can learn and reach THEIR full potential.

Thank you,

Daniel Frishman