County Commission Briefed on New Commissioners Districts

The Mason County Commissioners were briefed Tuesday morning (July 5, 2011) on the three possible configurations for Commissioner District boundaries. Using data from the 2010 Census, the County’s Redistricting Advisory Committee created the options that balance each Commissioner District’s population while remaining geographically contiguous. The new proposed boundaries also keep like communities in the same Commissioner District and two of the options have the City of Shelton in one Commissioner District. All proposed maps are below.

Option 1 places Allyn, Belfair, Grapeview, Harstine Island and all of the North Mason Communities in District 1 while District 2 takes over the central part of the county including Timberlakes, Shorecrest, and the north have of Shelton and District 3 includes the south half of the City along with areas west and south.



In Option 2, District 1 is the same as in Option 1 but District 3 covers all of the City and includes the areas that surround Oakland Bay and Hammersley Inlet south to Skookum Inlet and east to include Timberlakes while District 2 takes in the west half of the County including the area north of Shelton east to about the Twanoh area.


And Option 3 has District 1 taking the central part of the County including all of the City of Shelton east to Harstine Island while District 2 is the west half of the County including areas south of Hammersley Inlet and District 3 is all of North Mason from Union to Grapeview. Option 3 also places two of the current Commissioners in the same district which none of the Commissioners liked.


The option that seemed to get the most support during the briefing was Option 2 but a Public Hearing will be held 1 PM July 26, 2011 to find out which option residents support. Official action on the redistricting, which also includes reducing the number of voting precincts from 57 to 37, is expected in August.