(l-r) Andrew Holston, Rick Tweed, Gib Richardson, Pastor James Holston and John Warren
(l-r) Andrew Holston, Rick Tweed, Gib Richardson, Pastor James Holston and John Warren

The Green Diamond Company recently gifted the Shelton Nazarene Church two truckloads of logs for its firewood ‘Gap Ministry’, which the church facilitates on behalf of Love INC of Mason County, according to Love INC Board President, Bill Kendrick.

When cold weather comes to Mason County, those most affected are low income individuals, especially those who heat their homes with wood. Shelton Nazarene Church is helping make firewood available through the efforts of 12 to 20 volunteers who split, haul, and deliver wood to individuals and families in need who have been screened to receive services through the Love INC Clearinghouse.

Firewood Ministry Coordinator, Jamie McCoy, said the wood donated by Green Diamond will ensure a supply of wood for at least two seasons.

“We have delivered wood to people who are in wheelchairs and unable to get wood for themselves, people who have gone through surgeries and are making a nominal wage, a family whose primary provider had just been informed that he was not allowed to lift weight, and many families who have been struggling,” said McCoy. Each family or individual approved for the wood ministry receives about a half of cord of wood.

“To see the look on people’s faces when they receive the gift of wood is inspiring. They are beaming and we get to tell them this is a gift from the Lord. This season, it’s thanks to Green Diamond who really came through for us, and it didn’t cost us anything. We’re really excited about this ministry,” said Kendrick. Love INC of Mason County has 21 partner churches who work together to provide a hand-up to those in our area that have fallen on tough times.

Love INC is always in need of more volunteers and donations. To volunteer, or to make a donation, contact the Love INC office at 360-462-5683, or