Political Op/Ed by Tom Davis, Shelton: Every Dog Had It’s Day


Tim Sheldon has had a quarter-century to guide Mason County toward a healthier, safer, more prosperous future and has failed to do so. That’s not to say he’s done nothing: as a county commissioner he brought in a wave of lawsuits and a tsunami of long term debt; he cut services, dumped the county fair, divided the community through wedge issues and almost single handedly destroyed the working relationship between the commissioners and other elected officials and department heads.

But it is in serving as both a State Senator and County Commissioner concurrently that Tim Sheldon’s lack of accomplishments are so notable: There are still no traffic signals at the deadly intersections of State Hwy. 3 and Pickering, Agate and Johns Prairie Roads, and funding to fix the Lynch Rd/Hwy 101 death exchange awaits yet another casualty. (What was the purpose of serving in state and local positions concurrently if not to make Mason County a safer place to live?)

Also worthy of note is the fact that neither Commissioner Sheldon nor Senator Sheldon is inclined to take a hands-on approach to improve our community: As a volunteer, Mr. Sheldon is a no-show at the County Fair, Oysterfest, community cleanups, veteran events, charity cook-offs, or any other effort in which a fee or publicity is not attached to his attendance.

What Mr. Sheldon does better than most is run between Portland and Seattle, collecting paychecks and cuddling up to campaign donors who have little if any interest in investing in the 35th Legislative District.

Now I know how hard it is to have to say goodbye to that old spotted hound sunning himself out on the back porch. But he’s had his day and it’s been a long time since he caught a hare that he didn’t eat himself. So, if Mason County is ever to become a healthier, safer more prosperous community, we need to make some hard decisions. And one of those decisions is to dump Tim Sheldon like he’s dumped us, and take control of our future before it takes control of us.

Tom Davis, Shelton